Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long

Get wordy with it and put the “po” in poetry!

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NaPoWriMo , or National Poetry Writing Month, is back!

NaPoWriMo is an annual project in which participants write a poem each day in April. It unfolds in the tradition of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, held in November) and motivates, inspires, and engages poets of all levels, genres, and backgrounds.

While a poem a day is your ultimate goal, there’s really no “right” way to participate. Start today and keep at it, and experiment as you see fit. Focus entirely on sonnets, or experiment with free verse. Participate on your own, or collaborate with others. Publish on your blog, or experiment offline.

Ideas to get started

  • Publish poems each day, focusing on a different genre each week.
  • Handwrite poems in a journal, for your eyes only.
  • Start a collective with others, plan themes for April, and publish poems on your own blogs focused on these themes.
  • Create a new blog or group site specifically for this monthly challenge.

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Comedy Central launches new iOS app for South Park, Colbert and Jon Stewart

Can’t get enough of Stewart and Colbert. Seriously funny satire for serious people!


Fans of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert just got another way to catch up on the latest episodes from their favorite late-night faux journalists: Comedy Central (S VIA) launched an iOS app Tuesday that promises access to close to 200 episodes of a variety of the network’s shows, including full seasons of shows like Futurama and Chappelle’s Show.

Some of that content will only be available to viewers who authenticate with their pay TV provider, but next-day access to the Colbert Report, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and South Park will be available to all viewers, regardless of whether they subscribe to cable or not.

Interestingly enough, Comedy Central decided not to add any second-screen components that would for example deliver additional content to a tablet while viewers watch a show on TV to the app, and instead bills it as a “first-screen app.” That’s consistent with…

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8 things Google Cloud could do to freak Amazon out

The cloud of clouds


It’s sort of amazing how fast the Google(s goog) Cloud Platform has gone from not-really-there to a contender for Amazon(s amzn) Web Services’ public cloud mantle, at least in terms of perception.

This is not to say the gang in Seattle are shaking in their boots, but you can bet they keep an eye on what Google is doing. Going further, I’d wager that AWS is already considering sub-hour payment increments for its base level services, for which it now charges by the hour. (Google, Microsoft Windows Azure,ProfitBricks and CloudSigma already do this.)

The consensus from an unscientific survey of cloud watchers, is that Google is the one company with the engineering wherewithal and cloud focus to create and deliver innovative services on par with what AWS has done and continues to do.

Here are some things Google could do to shake things up for Amazon according…

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