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my pixWhen life finds its way around the corner, and introduces you to new challenges, it’s best to strap on the boots and get busy. Life is about getting up, not falling down.

As a creative professional, I have enjoyed working with a wide variety of creative individuals who have inspired me, challenged me, and provided a rewarding and enriching learning experience that brings me here today. Trained as a journalist, I gave traditional reporting a try right out of college working for a county seat newspaper in Northeast Iowa. I learned two important lessons in my first volley into the profession: avoid writing about local bond issues and never write a column criticizing television evangelists. Either move will prompt a hefty load of anonymous mail and some pretty crazy phone calls.

But that was a long time ago, and the news biz isn’t what it used to be. So I guess you could say I’ve hung up my journalism cleats for anything creative that provides me the ability to contribute new ideas, beautiful design, audience participation, and a reason for someone to “pay attention”.

I began my professional career in the 80’s taking a job as a graphic artist with the Grant Wood Area Education Agency. At the time, the Macintosh computer had emerged as a game-changer in the printing and graphic design industries. I arrived there in my new role and assisted with the transformation of a media services department still rooted in cold typesetting technology and a staff of personnel where each individual had a specific role in bringing print and design to paper. Several years later our department transitioned successfully to the Macintosh and all the promise this new technology brought to the table. The computer had arrived and the creative doors it opened up for me would continue to steer me toward new opportunities both professionally and personally.

In my most recent role as Marketing Manager for Pitsco Education, a small education company specializing in hands-on products and curriculum solutions offered across the education landscape, I provided marketing leadership for the curriculum division. In that capacity, I spearheaded the development and implementation of two separate brand launches, numerous product launches, and on-going marketing and public relations initiatives designed to position our products and services in the K-12 marketplace.  During my tenure, I managed an annual budget exceeding $300K in support of the division’s marketing and communications initiatives. I led the design and development of the division web site re-design and deployment, introduced custom and just-in-time publishing initiatives, and played a key role in brand and product messaging for the division and the company as a whole. I have seven years of supervisory experience, am an effective collaborator and project manager, and have extensive experience working with other creative professionals in print, web, video, social media, podcasting, photography, and public relations.

Today I am pursuing yet another opportunity to continue my creative career, and with the advent of social media, yet another shift in direction requires yet another new way of thinking. As I search for my next opportunity, I am reminded that being creative, a good communicator, and an effective collaborator transcend the marketing and communication channels that are today regularly called upon to push a message, build a brand, or stake one’s ground in the cloud of information that descends upon us each day. While it is much more difficult to “stand out” today than it was when I started my career in the 80’s, the fundamentals of effective writing, communication, and creative thinking remain the same.


Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
Bachelor of Arts, May 1986


Marketing Manager ­– 2006 – 2013
Pitsco Education
Pittsburg, Kansas

  • Coordinate and oversee daily marketing operations for the curriculum division of Pitsco Education
  • Supervise marketing team and coordinate production of fulfillment of our marketing plan
  • Direct strategic print, video production, on-line, e-mail marketing, and event/conference planning for all marketing initiatives
  • Provide monthly communication and updates to both direct and indirect sales representatives
  • Collaborate directly with corporate, curriculum development, sales, and communications/PR leadership teams
  • Coordinate and conduct biannual sales meetings
  • Design, write, and coordinate direct mail and on-line marketing campaigns
  • Develop and initiate new product/solution launch plans
  • Maintain and manage brand style guide; provide direct oversight on brand use with internal and external customers
  • Plan and oversee an annual budget of more than $350,000
  • Participate in assigned community service activities and partnerships
  • Provide pro bono services as assigned


  • Introduced and designed new social media network site
  • Created and launched Linked In recruiting campaign
  • Successfully transitioned and stabilized our brand and marketing materials
  • Developed new magazine targeted for education administrators
  • Spearheaded internalization of all company print production resulting in significant cost savings
  • Introduced digital just-in-time, variable data, and custom publishing capabilities
  • Designed and coordinated production and launch of new department website initiative
  • Introduced and produced podcasting

Education Media Coordinator – 1999-2006
University of Iowa College of Medicine
Iowa City, Iowa

  • Developed, coordinated, and managed seven year diabetes education research program
  • Designed technology and implementation plan
  • Provided direct video, web, and print production services for university departments and personnel within
  • the college and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
  • Provided production services in support of The Children’s Miracle Network campaign


  • Produced weekly live streaming events for the Department of Ophthalmology
  • Created promotional graduate student recruiting DVD and web presence for the College of Pharmacy
  • Coordinated and produced video production of a major Alumni Association fund raising event
  • Successfully transitioned and stabilized our brand and marketing materials
  • Was a development member of a geriatric education practitioner outreach program

Graphic Designer 1992-1999
National Computer Systems (Pearson Education), Iowa City, IA

  • Hired as a member of a newly formed Information Technology Division marketing team
  • Designed and oversaw print production of all marketing materials
  • Provided creative writing for marketing campaigns
  • Developed product brands and identities
  • Oversaw all internal production of RFP and contract re-compete documentation
  • Provided video production services
  • Worked directly with contract teams and department managers in support of proposal production


  • Introduced internal desktop publishing services and technology to the company
  • Implemented workgroup publishing technology and workflow
  • Introduced internal non-linear editing capabilities

If you would like to learn more about me, or are looking for a creative professional to join your organization, I would love to hear from you!


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